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Originally hailing from a background in Journalism, Brianna (B.A. Sugalski) has always been fascinated by the historical aspect of literature. She is captivated by the riveting ability of a simple story, to turn eager readers into time travelers. She now writes YA fantasy to empower teen girls and women to ditch the damsel act—to become heroes in their own right, and spin their own versions of “Happily Ever After.”

Though she will forever be a Hawaii girl at heart, she now travels the country with her husband and son. If she isn’t working on one of the books in her upcoming Darkling Series trilogy, you can find her snuggled up with a book on European Folklore, or picking up seashells with her toes.

Brianna loves helping readers realize all that is enchanting in an otherwise mundane world. It surrounds us in nature—if one would only bother to look hard enough. The magic is in the moss.


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When Lilac sneaks out of her parents’ castle, she envisions a fresh start with the entire kingdom that despises her. Suddenly cursed with the ability to speak to Darklings—the monsters who lurk the enchanted wood of Broceliande—she runs into the trees in search of the elusive witch who can help her out before her coronation ceremony. Once there, she meets a caddishly handsome barkeep at the inn & tavern where she is forced to take shelter for the night. All appears normal, until he shows up at her door with a strange proposition—and it seems he wants more than just a drink with her.

In a race against the clock, Lilac is desperate to discover the true nature and origin of her power—and to return to the castle in time for her own coronation, or else risk relinquishing the throne to another greedy family vying for power.

She must make it in time… unless the Darklings get to her first.

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Tidal Wave is B.A. Sugalski’s first collection of poetry.

It's cartilage cracking against your ribcage during a morning stretch; it’s sneaking Cranberry Stoli and Sprite mixed in a water bottle into class. The culprit behind the “ugh” that resonates under your bosom; the free dive into concrete that we take into puppy love, and the wary tip-toes we take into our last (and only) love. The stark difference between melancholy tears that dry between your cheek and a pillow, and the waterworks that flow when reciting your wedding vows. Unrelenting gravitational force inflicted upon the ocean -- until she breaks and becomes something she’s never dreamed of.

This book is the human heart on paper.
It exists because during its creation, I have carried more hurt and love – the things we need to feel – than ever before. Some of it was bound to overflow.
This is how I heal.


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